February 24, 2011


These days i'm inspired by all of these pictures. The light, the clothes, the composition and of course the beauty



Kiss me, please

Like every other girl I'm always looking for the perfect lipstick. Though I love Chanel and YSL I have to say my favourite lipstick for everyday probably is the Labello Pearl and Shine :)
Do you guys have a favourite lipstick? Tell me!!


Legs and leather

My favourite outfit of Nicky Hilton, I think it's from 2007 or 2008. The blazer, the bag, the skirt and the shoes (and of course the perfect legs :p). Does anyone has other pictures of this outfit?


Casino Royale

February 21, 2011

Her name is Emma

Emma Roberts. I don't know what you think about her style, but with every new picture I found I was like: I want more!! Especially her streetstyle is really appealing to me, she looks at her best in jeans with ballerines and a simple top or sweater don't you think? And her collection of bags is just breathtaking :)
I predict that she maybe will get even bigger than her famous aunt someday!  Don't you think too she looks a lot better as a blonde (because you know, blondes have more fun :D)


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